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SARCÓFAGO. Antichrist (vocals), Fabio Jhasko (guitar), Zeber (guitar), Gerald Minelli (bass), Eduardo (drums, later Joker, then Lucio Olliver).

Sarcófago (translated into English as sarcophagus) were a Brazilian black metal band that primarily played during the late eighties and early nineties. At a time when many Brazilian bands were becoming more political in response to the military junta that ruled the country at the time, Sarcófago went in a darker and more ominous direction, combining punk and black metal. Their sound owed as much to later hardcore as well as black metal, despite their dark and anti-Christian imagery. The band was led by guitarist and vocalist Antichrist (Wagner Lamounier), who had been acrimoniously booted from an earlier version of Sepultura.



Sarcófago were relentless in their pursuit of the evilest-sounding music, succeeding particularly well on the brutal The Laws of Scourge album in 1991. Sadly, Sarcófago never did get as big as Sepultura, or even Soulfly, possibly due to the relative
inaccessibility of their music and the band’s refusal to make their lyrical content any less blasphemous. The band sputtered out at the end of the nineties, and it is unclear if there will be any new music from Sarcófago. The band proved that black metal was not bound by geography, but could pop up across the world, not just in the colder climates, but everywhere were kids looked for the darkest of musical extremes.

Discography: Rotting (Maze/Kraze, 1989); The Laws of Scourge (Cogumelo, 1991); I.N.R.I. (Pavement, 1999); Hate (Cogumelo, 2005).