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SATANICIDE (1999–PRESENT). Devlin Mayhem (vocals), Aleister Cradley (guitar), Vargas Von Goaten (bass), Sloth Vader (drums).



Satanicide are a mock heavy metal band who play with all of the fervor and energy one would expect from a New Jersey metal band circa the mid-eighties, which is exactly the sound and attitude that Satanicide mock so well. The band is adept at mixing and parodying different styles of metal, from hair metal to power ballads, including a rambunctious metal take on Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” the theme from the movie Titanic, to the occult leaning of metal in songs such as “Twenty Sided Die,” which directly riffs on the popular game Dungeons and Dragons. The band is led by the falsetto screeching of lead singer Devlin Mayhem, who aptly parodies the quintessential rock and roll frontman shtick (shirt open to the waist, leading sing-along with the audience) aided and abetted by guitarist Aleister Cradley, who channels the decadence and sexual ambiguity of classic glam; bassist Vargas von Goaten, a parody send-up of the black and death metal adherents of Norway, and drummer Sloth Vader, who channels Tommy Lee to perfection.

The most fascinating thing about Satanicide is not only that they channel a Jersey bar band so well, but that they also do it while playing engaging and hard music, with lyrics that predictably leave nothing to the imagination (a typical example, the chorus of the song “Heather” indicates that Mayhem wants to “get into your leather”) Their CD is well worth finding, and if one is nostalgic for long bass solos, lyrics straight from the mind of a thirteen-year-old dungeon master with sex on his mind, or at least an excellent parody of a now-gone genre, then Satanicide is a must buy.

Discography: Satanicide: Heather (Enabler Records, 2003).