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SODOM (1982–PRESENT). Angel Ripper (vocals/bass), Aggressor (guitar/vocals, replaced by Grave Violator, Destructor, then Blackfire, others, Bernemann) Witchhunter (drums/vocals, replaced by Atomic Steif, others, now Bobby Schottkowski).

Sodom are a German thrash band that heavily influenced the German black metal scene and are among the hardest-hitting bands in that genre. The band started in 1982 with original guitarist Aggressor, who left before recording the first album, the thrash classic Obsessed by Cruelty. Sodom could not maintain a stable lineup, going through constant guitar players, and finally even original drummer Witchfinder left the band, leaving Angel Ripper in complete control. Unfortunately, Destructor died in a motorcycle accident in 1995.



Discography: Obsessed by Cruelty (Steamhammer, 1986); Persecution Mania (Roadracer, 1987); Agent Orange (Roadracer, 1989); Tapping the Vein (Century Media, 1992); Live at Zeche Bochum (Steamhammer, 1994); Masquerade in Blood (SPV, 1995); Till Death Do Us Unite (Gun, 1997); Better Off Dead (SPV, 1997); Get What You Deserve (SPV, 1998); In the Sign of Evil (SPV, 1998); Opening the Vein (SPV, 1999); Mortal Way of Live (Roadrunner, 1999); Code Red (Pavement, 1999); Marooned [live] (Steamhammer, 2000); M-16 (Steamhammer/SPV, 2001); One Night in Bancock Live (Steamhammer/SPV, 2003); In the Sign of Evil (Vinyl Maniacs, 2005); Sodom (Steamhammer/SPV, 2006); Final Sign of Evil (King Japan, 2006).