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DISSECTION (1989–2006). Jon Nodtveidt (vocals/guitar), John Zwetsloot (guitar, replaced by Johan Norman, finally Set Tietan), Peter Palmdahl (bass, replaced by Bruce Leclercq), Ole Ohman (drums, replaced by Tomas Asklund).

Dissection were a Swedish black metal band formed by guitarist and vocalist Jon Nodtveidt in 1989. The band was controversial for its dark lyrics and Nodtveidt later espousing of satanic and Aryan pride sentiments. The first record is fairly tame by black metal standards, but the follow-up Storm of the Lights Bane is a classic brutally heavy and monstrously evil black metal record.



However, as was the case in many bands in the genre, Dissection was forced to take an unscheduled detour, thanks to Nodtveidt’s idiocy. The band (actually an all-new band featuring only original member Nodtveidt) came back strong with the cryptic and occult-obsessed Reinkaos album following Nodtveidt’s stint in prison. (Nodtveidt was convicted in the extremely brutal killing of a 38-year-old homosexual man, one that in a less-lenient country would have gotten him life behind bars.) Plans for a tour of the United States were postponed first by the troubles the band encountered in getting a visa to enter the United States, and then further postponed when Nodtveidt killed himself on August 16, 2006. Ultimately, Dissection will be remembered by their fans for their uncompromising philosophical and ideological stance, as well as their sheer brutality, and also by the inventively clever and often beautiful music they created when at their best. For outsiders, Dissection is another example of how twisted those in the black metal community have become and how unaccepting of homosexuality many in the metal community can be. The last record is a fitting final statement for the band, but it remains uncertain if fans of black metal should excuse the abhorrent personal behavior of members of their favorite bands.

Discography: The Somberlain (No Fashion, 1993); Storm of the Lights Bane (Nuclear Blast, 1996); The Past Is Alive (Necropolis, 2000); Live Legacy (Nuclear Blast, 2003); Reinkaos (The End Records, 2006).