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BURZUM (1991–PRESENT). Varg (Kristian) Vikernes (vocals/guitar/bass/keyboards/drums). In the realm of black metal, Burzum is one of the key bands who helped to establish the parameters of both music and in living the lifestyle. Burzum was the unholy brainchild of murderous ex-Mayhem bassist Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnakh). Vikernes developed Burzum as an ongoing project where he played all the instruments. The band served as a vehicle not only for Vikernes’ idea about expanding the parameters Read more [...]
Burning Witch


BURNING WITCH (1996–98). Edgy59 (vocals, guitar), G. Stuart Dahlquist (subharmonics), Jamie Boggy Sykes (battledrums, replaced by B.R.A.D. on war drums). Burning Witch was one of the key new metal bands of the eighties that combined both a serious appreciation for metal as an artform, with dark and satanic lyrics, as well as new and innovative styles of drone-based music (not unlike the early Velvet Underground or the experiments of Indian-influenced composer Lamonte Young). While Burning Witch Read more [...]


BULLET BOYS (1988–2000). Marq Torien (vocals), Mick Sweda (guitar), Lonnie Vincent (bass), and Jimmy d’Anda (drums). A somewhat bluesy-sounding L.A. metal band, Bullet Boys emerged on the national scene with Van Halen–like buzz that started with the fact that they shared producer Ted Templeman and ended with the superficial similarities between blond-haired frontman Marq Torien and David Lee Roth. Riding the last wave of the L.A. hair metal scene, the band’s stock in trade was sleazy Read more [...]


BUDGIE (1971–85). Classic lineup: Burke Shelley (vocals, bass), Tony Bourge (guitar), Raymond Phillips (drums). Welsh proto-metal group Budgie enjoyed success in the UK but never really hit international stardom, though they influenced many groups that would follow, due to their riff-ready songs and singer/bassist Burke Shelley’s piercing vocals. Coming together in Cardiff, Wales, in 1967, the band, consisting of Shelley, guitarist Tony Bourge, and drummer Raymond Phillips, released their Read more [...]