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Cult of Luna


CULT OF LUNA (2000–PRESENT). Klas Rydberg (vocals), Erik Oloffson (guitar), Johannes Peterson (guitar), Magnus Lindberg (keyboards), Andreas Johansson (bass), Marco Hilden (drums, replaced by Thomas Hedland), Adders Tegland (samples). Cult of Luna are a dark and moody but almost progressive Swedish band who have been one of the most consistently interesting metal bands of the past few decades. The band incorporates soundscapes and samples into its drearily dark music that makes them hard Read more [...]
The Cult


THE CULT (1983–95, 1998–PRESENT). Ian Astbury (vocals) Billy Duffy (guitar), Jamie Stewart (bass, moved to rhythm guitar, replaced by Kid Chaos then Stewart again, Charlie Drayton, Kinley Wolf, Craig Adams, Martyn LeNoble, Billy Morrison, Craig Adams, others), Raymond Smith (drums, replaced by Nigel Preston, Mark Brzezicki, Les Warner Micky Curry, Michael Lee, Matt Sorum, Scott Garrett, John Tempesta, others). The Cult started out as Southern Death Cult, a goth band with Native American Read more [...]
Cryptic Slaughter


CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER (1984–88, 1990, 2003–PRESENT). Bill Crooks (vocals/bass), Les Evans (guitar), Adam Scott (guitar), Scott Peterson (drums), and Ron Nicholson (bass). This hardcore punk/thrash crossover band from Santa Monica formed in then mid-eighties and helped pioneer the crossover sound, blending metal with hardcore punk to help create a new sound reminiscent of bands such as DRI, Discharge, and Corrosion of Conformity. They were a rare beast in the crossover speedcore scene, bringing Read more [...]


CRUMBSUCKERS (1985–89). Dave Brady on demos, then Chris Notaro (vocals) Dave Wynn (guitar), Chris Lenihan (guitar), Gary Meskil (bass), Dan Richardson (drums). Crumbsuckers were a metal/punk crossover band from the late eighties who recorded relatively little but were influential on the crossover scene. Like bands such as Cryptic Slaughter, Corrosion of Conformity, and DRI, the Crumbsuckers ushered in a new wave of music, one that broke boundary lines that only a few years ago had seemed Read more [...]