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DUST (1968–73). Richie Wise (vocals/guitar), Kenny Aranson (bass), Marky Bell (drums). Dust were an early proto-metal band from New York City that featured a young Mark Bell, who would then go on to join two classic punk bands, Richard Hell’s backing band the Voidoids and then later the Ramones, where he would drum for most of that band’s career. Bassist Kenny Aranson went on to do session work. The band is a footnote, but the two albums are well worth hunting down for fans of hard rock Read more [...]


DUSK (1994–98). Steve Crane (vocals/bass), Steve Gross (guitar/keyboards), Tim Beyer (guitar), Ron Heemstra (drums). Dusk was an influential but very short-lived Wisconsin death metal band. The early stuff is magnificently doom-laden, brilliant, and evocative. However, the band were not around long enough to make a real impact on the scene. Discography: Majestic, Thou in Ruin (self-released, 1995); Atmospherea (Freakadelic, 1999); Dusk (Phi Acoustic, 2001);  (Phi Acoustics, 2003); Deathgate Read more [...]


DRI (1982–PRESENT). Kurt Brecht (vocals), Spike Cassidy (guitar); Dennis Johnson (bass, later replaced by Josh Pappe, John Menor, then Chumly Porter, then Harald Oimen), Eric Brecht (drums, later replaced by Felix Griffin, then Rom Rampy). DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) were one of the first punk/metal crossover bands and for a time were among the most successful. DRI started out in Houston, Texas, in 1982 with a unique blurry sound where hyperfast songs sped by in the course of a minute, Read more [...]


DREAM THEATER (1985–PRESENT). Chris Collins (vocals, replaced by Charles Dominici, replaced by Kevin James LaBrie), John Petrucci (guitars), John Myung (bass), Kevin Moore (keyboards, replaced by Derek Sherinian, replaced by Jordan Rudess), Mike Portnoy (drums). Dream Theater are a heavy progressive/art metal band whose rabid fan base are among the most vocal and loyal in metal. The band was started by music students from Berklee College: guitarist John Petrucci, John Myung on bass, drummer Read more [...]