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FUNERAL (1991–PRESENT). Tori Snyen (vocals, replaced by Sara Eick, Hanne Hukkelberg, Frode Forsmo), Anders Eek (guitar/drums), Christian Loos (guitar), Thomas Angell (guitar), Einar Frederikson (bass). Funeral is a slow, sludgy, doom metal band in the style of Black Sabbath or Cathedral, only for much of their career, Funeral had a succession of female vocalists before finally settling on Frode Forsmo and solidifying their depressively gloomy doom metal sound. Bassist Frederikson committed Read more [...]
Fu Manchu


FU MANCHU (1990–PRESENT). Glen Chivens (vocals, replaced by Scott Hill), Scott Hill (guitar), Scott Vatow (guitar, replaced by Eddie Glass, Bob Balch), Greg McCaughey (bass, replaced by Mark Abshire, Brad Davis), Ruben Romano (drums, replaced by Brant Bjork, Scott Reeder). Fu Manchu (named either after the legendary super-villain or more likely the stoner mustache) not only have one of the best names in new metal but are also one of the most fascinating metal bands working today. Like many Read more [...]
Lita Ford


LITA FORD (1958–). Along with Joan Jett, Lita Ford was one of the two members of the teen punk/metal/exploitation all-girl band the Runaways from the late seventies and early eighties who went on to solo success. Ford’s career peaked in the 1980s pop metal scene with a string of successful releases. Like, Jett, Ford’s tough girl with a guitar image did much to open rock to the idea of women who could play their instruments as well as any man, even if Ford’s own image often involved a certain Read more [...]


FOGHAT (1972–PRESENT). Classic lineup: Dave Peverett (lead vocals, guitar), Rod Price (lead and slide guitar), Roger Earl (drums), Craig McGreggor (bass). While not a heavy metal band per se, Foghat’s massive success in the 1970s with their heavy yet accessible brand of boogie rock made them one of the most popular hard rock bands of the seventies, and their classic live album Foghat Live was an important precursor to the development of arena rock. Formed in 1972 in England by former Read more [...]