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HOLOCAUST (1977–PRESENT). Gary Lettice (vocals, replaced by John Mortimer), John Mortimer (vocals/guitar), Ed Dudley (guitar, replaced by John McCullim, Robin Begg (bass, replaced by Steve Cowen, Bryan Bartley), Nicky Arkless (drums, replaced by David Rosie, Ron Levine). Holocaust is one of the longest lasting of the New Wave of British metal (NWOBM) that formed in the late seventies. The band, from Scotland, has been charting a heavy but sometimes-uneven course over almost thirty years, Read more [...]
High on Fire


HIGH ON FIRE (1998–PRESENT). Matt Pike (guitar/vocals), George Rice (bass, replaced by Joe Preston, Jeff Matz), Des Kensel (drums). High on Fire was formed by guitarist Matt Pike after the demise of his previous band, the stoner rock legend Sleep. In High on Fire, Pike wanted to move away from the intricate stoner rock of Sleep in a harder and faster direction. High on Fire is almost the total opposite of Sleep, with heavy, brutal drums anchoring Pike’s massive (and brutally loud) riffage, Read more [...]


HELLOWEEN (1982–PRESENT). Classic lineup: Michael Kiske (lead vocals), Kai Hansen (vocals/guitar), Michael Weikath (guitar), Markus Grosskopf (bass), and Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums). One of the most influential European heavy metal acts of the 1980s, Helloween combined the energy and speed of thrash metal with the harmonic structures of traditional metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to create the template of what would come to be known as power metal. Though they never achieved Read more [...]


HELLHAMMER (1982–84). Tom G. Warrior (vocals/guitar), Steve Warrior, aka Urs Sprenger (bass, replaced by Martin Eric Ain), Pete Stratton (drums, replaced by Bruce Day). Hellhammer were an early version of the band that went on to become Celtic Frost. Although they did not last long or leave much of a recorded output, they are revered by many in the black metal scene for their innovation and are a major influence on both the black and death metal scenes. The band was started by Tom Warrior Read more [...]