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Living Colour


LIVING COLOUR (1984–95; 2001–PRESENT). Corey Glover (vocals), Vernon Reid (guitar), Muzz Skillings (bass, replaced by Doug Wimbish), Will Calhoun (drums). Living Colour is a hard rock/metal/punk hybrid band led by guitar hero Vernon Reid, along with lead singer Corey Glover, bassist Muzz Skillings and drummer Will Calhoun, who mostly came from jazz backgrounds but also wanted to prove that an all-African-American group could rock as hard as any white group. This went up against the prejudices Read more [...]
Limp Bizkit


LIMP BIZKIT (1994–PRESENT). Fred Durst (vocals), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), DJ Lethal (DJ), John Toto (drums). Limp Bizkit are a nu metal band from Florida who became one of the most popular bands in the world during the nu metal craze of the late nineties. While there were many worthwhile bands that tried to mix rap’s kinetic vocal style with metal’s power, Limp Bizkit quickly became the epitome to many metalheads of what was wrong with current metal. Led by the anti-charismatic Read more [...]


LEZ ZEPPELIN (2004–PRESENT). Sarah Mclellen (vocals), Steph Paynes (guitar), Lisa Brigatino (bass), Helen Destroy (drums). One of the more engaging and talented of the tribute circuit acts is this (allegedly) all, lesbian tribute to Led Zeppelin. While tribute bands are a common occurrence in the heavy metal scene—there are almost a countless number of cover bands, including “official” cover bands that accurately reproduce the sounds and image of many bands—Lez Zeppelin is one of Read more [...]
Leng Tch'e


LENG TCH’E (2001–PRESENT). Isaac Roelaert (vocals, replaced by Boris Cornelissen, replaced by Serge Kasongo), Glen Herman (guitars, replaced by Nir “The Goat” Doliner, replaced by Geert Devenster), Nicholas (guitars, replaced by Frank Rizzo, replaced by Jan “Spleenventer” Hallaert), Kevin (bass, replaced by Nicholas, replaced by Frank Rizzo, replaced by Johan Anotnissen, replaced by Nicolas Malfeyt), Sven De Caluwe (drums, replaced by Tony Van den Eynde). Leng Tch’e is a classical Read more [...]