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MUSHROOM HEAD (1993–PRESENT). Jason Popson, aka J. Mann (vocals, replaced by Waylon Reavis), Jeffrey Hatrix, aka Jeff Nothing (vocals), Richie Moore, aka “Dinner” (guitars, replaced by Dave Felton, aka Gravy), John Sekula, aka JJ Righteous (guitars, replaced by Marco Vukcevich, aka Bronson), Tom Schmitz, aka Shmtoz (keyboards), Joe Kilcoyne, aka Mr. Murdernickel (bass, replaced by Jack Kilcoyne, aka Pig Benis) Steve Felton, aka Skinny (drums and founder), Joe Lenkey, aka DJ Virus (turntables Read more [...]


MUDVAYNE (1996–PRESENT). Kud (vocals), Gurrg (guitar), Ryknow (bass), sPaG (drums). Mudvayne was formed in 1996 by Kud (Chad Grey), Gurrg (Greg Tribbett), and sPaG (Mathew McDonough), eventually joined by bassist Ryknow (Ryan Martinie). The band is best known for their outlandish make-up and sense of style, appearing in matching outrageous costumes that fall somewhere between GWAR and Spinal Tap meets Devo in a food fight. The music is utterly forgettable nu metal with touches of electronica. Read more [...]
Mr. Big


MR. BIG (1988–2002). Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar, replaced by Richie Kotzen), Billy Sheehan (bass), Pat Torpey (drums). Mr. Big were one of the most popular metal supergroups made up of virtuoso musicians. The band started in 1988, when bassist Billy Sheehan had grown tired of playing with perpetual man-child David Lee Roth and went off in search of another group of musicians. He soon found them in ace guitarist Paul Gilbert, lately of Racer X, and the more obscure but equally Read more [...]


MOTÖRHEAD (1975–PRESENT). Classic lineup: Lemmy Kilmister (vocals/bass), “Fast” Eddie Clarke (guitar, replaced by Brian Robertson, Phil Campbell), Wurzel (guitar, 1984–95), Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (drums, replaced by Peter Gill, then Taylor, then Mikkey Dee). Motörhead's logo are a key part of both punk and heavy metal history, as epitomized in songs such as “Ace of Spades”. Led by the charismatic gravelly voiced and wartsporting (he has often joked about removing and selling Read more [...]