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VOIVOD (1982–PRESENT). Denis “Snake” Belanger (vocals, replaced by Eric Forrest, then Belanger), Denis “Piggy” D’Amour (guitar), Jean-Yves Theriault (bass, then Eric Forrest, now Jason Newsted), Michael Langevin (drums). Voivod had among the most unique sound of metal bands of the past twenty years, mixing metal with jazz and prog rock influences and creating a new sound that inspired many newer bands. The band formed in Canada in 1982 and soon established themselves as one of the Read more [...]


VIXEN (1980–91, 1998 2001–PRESENT). Janet Gardner (vocals/guitar, replaced by Jenna Piccolo), Jan Kuehnemund (guitar), Liza Carbe (bass, replaced by Pia Maiocco, Share Pedersen, Lynne Louise Lowrey), Laurie Hedlund (drums, replaced by Roxy Petrucci, Kat Kraft). Vixen was one of the few all-female heavy metal bands that men appreciated not just for their looks but also for their prodigious chops, particularly guitarist Kuehnemund who formed the band back in 1980. Vixen played Los Angeles Read more [...]
Vision Of Disorder


VISION OF DISORDER (1992–2002). Tim Williams (vocals), Matt Baumbach (guitar), Mike Kennedy (guitar), Mike Fleischman (bass), Brendon Cohen (drums). Based out of Long Island, New York, Vision of Disorder played thrash–influenced brand of hardcore, featuring socially conscious lyrics, and won a large underground following before disbanding in 2002. Initially put together in 1992 by guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy, the band was filled out by vocalist Tim Williams, drummer Brendon Read more [...]


VINNIE VINCENT. Vinnie Vincent’s greatest claim to fame is that he was thefirst guitarist to replace original lead guitarist Ace Frehley in Kiss. Born Vincent Cusano, Vincent was given his stage name by Gene Simmons when Vincent joined the band in 1982. Prior to joining Kiss, Vincent (as Cusano) had played in a variety of bands and done session work for Laura Nyro and Dan Hartman and had been a composer for the television show Happy Days. Meeting Kiss’s Gene Simmons through a mutual friend, Read more [...]