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WISHBONE ASH (1969–PRESENT). Andy Powell (guitar/vocals), Ted Turner (guitar/vocals, replaced by Laurie Wisefield, Jamie Crompton, Phil Palmer), Martin Turner (bass/vocals, replaced by John Wetton, Trevor Bolder, Mervyn Spence, Andy Pyle, many others), Steve Upton (drums, replaced by Ray Weston, Mike Sturgis, others). Wishbone Ash are on the periphery of metal, along with bands such as Uria Heep who seemed to fall more in the art rock camp at times. The band started as a project of guitarists Read more [...]


WHITE ZOMBIE (1985–96). Rob Zombie (vocals/guitar), Jay Yuenger (guitar), Sean Yseult (bass), Ivan Deprume (drums, replaced by John Tempesta). White Zombie were an American heavy metal band influenced by science fiction, old horror films, fifties trash culture, and a heavy dollop of twisted humor. Led by vocalist and guitarist Rob Zombie, the band started out fairly sedate on their first record, which sounds more like their Lower East Side origins than later efforts would, but by the time of Read more [...]


WHITESNAKE (1978–PRESENT). David Coverdale (vocals), Doug Aldrich (guitar), Reb Beach (guitar), Uriah Duffy (bass), Timothy Drury (keyboards), Chris Frazier (drums). Beginning as a bluesy solo vehicle for former Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale in the late seventies, Whitesnake would go on to evolve a more hard-rock style and reached their peak as million-selling superstars of MTV in the late eighties. After leaving Deep Purple in 1976, vocalist David Coverdale released a string of Read more [...]
White Lion


WHITE LION (1984–91; 2004–PRESENT). Mike Tramp (vocals), Vito Bratta (guitar), James LoMenzo (bass), Greg d’Angelo (drums). New York’s White Lion came together in the late eighties, formed initially by Danish singer Mike Tramp and guitarist Vito Bratta, with drummer Greg D’Angelo and bassist James LoMenzo joining shortly thereafter. Releasing their first album on the independent Grand Slamm label in 1984, they soon inked a contract with Atlantic and released Pride in 1987. The album Read more [...]