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MORBID ANGEL (1984–PRESENT). Dallas Ward (vocals/bass, replaced by David Vincent, Steve Tucker, Jared Anderson), Trey Azagthoth (guitar), Sterling Scarborough (guitar, replaced by Richard Brunelle, replaced by Erik Rutan, himself, Thor Ander Myhern), Mike Browning (drums, replaced by Wayne Hartsell, Pete Sandoval). Morbid Angel are one of the most innovative and longest-lasting death metal bands from the American scene, known for their dark lyrics and uncompromisingly aggressive music. The band Read more [...]
Dead Horse


DEAD HORSE (1987–96). Greg Martin (vocals/guitar), Michael Hagaa (guitar, replaced by Scott Sevall), Allen Price (bass), Ronny Guytoe (drums). Dead Horse were a Texas-based death metal band and one of the most underappreciated American death metal bands. The band started in 1987 and lasted more or less till the late nineties. Sadly, they only released two records in their career, but both records are well worth seeking out. Discography: Peaceful; Death and Pretty Flowers (Big Chief, 1991); Read more [...]


BURZUM (1991–PRESENT). Varg (Kristian) Vikernes (vocals/guitar/bass/keyboards/drums). In the realm of black metal, Burzum is one of the key bands who helped to establish the parameters of both music and in living the lifestyle. Burzum was the unholy brainchild of murderous ex-Mayhem bassist Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnakh). Vikernes developed Burzum as an ongoing project where he played all the instruments. The band served as a vehicle not only for Vikernes’ idea about expanding the parameters Read more [...]
Bolt Thrower


BOLT THROWER (1986–PRESENT). Alan West (vocals, replaced by Karl Willets, then Martin VanDrunen, Dave Ingram, now Willets again), Gavin Ward (guitar), Barry Thompson (guitar), Jo Bench (bass), Andy Whale (drums, replaced by Alex Thomas, then Martin Kearns). Bolt Thrower is a long-running English death metal band who have refined and perfected one of the most distinctive and aggressive styles of the subgenre. The band started in Birmingham, which, due to its depressed economic conditions and Read more [...]