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Dead Horse


DEAD HORSE (1987–96). Greg Martin (vocals/guitar), Michael Hagaa (guitar, replaced by Scott Sevall), Allen Price (bass), Ronny Guytoe (drums). Dead Horse were a Texas-based death metal band and one of the most underappreciated American death metal bands. The band started in 1987 and lasted more or less till the late nineties. Sadly, they only released two records in their career, but both records are well worth seeking out. Discography: Peaceful; Death and Pretty Flowers (Big Chief, 1991); Read more [...]
Cryptic Slaughter


CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER (1984–88, 1990, 2003–PRESENT). Bill Crooks (vocals/bass), Les Evans (guitar), Adam Scott (guitar), Scott Peterson (drums), and Ron Nicholson (bass). This hardcore punk/thrash crossover band from Santa Monica formed in then mid-eighties and helped pioneer the crossover sound, blending metal with hardcore punk to help create a new sound reminiscent of bands such as DRI, Discharge, and Corrosion of Conformity. They were a rare beast in the crossover speedcore scene, bringing Read more [...]