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Steve Stevens


STEVE STEVENS (1959–PRESENT). While a guitarist of many talents, including progressive rock and flamenco, Steve Stevens is without a doubt best known as Billy Idol’s stage and studio foil, where, armed with a Les Paul and a glam rock image borrowed from equal parts Johnny Thunders and Siouxsie Sioux, he has infused the best of the veteran punk rocker’s material with a hard rock edge that helped the two crossover into mainstream success in the 1980s and has continued to drive their career into Read more [...]


BANG TANGO (1986–94). Joe Leste (vocals), Kyle Stevens (guitar), Mark Knight (guitar), Kyle Kyle (bass), Tigg Ketler (drums). With a sound that sometimes had more in common with acts like Billy Idol or the Cult, Bang Tango was nonetheless lumped into the pop metal category that most of their Sunset Strip contemporaries inhabited. Although they experienced some local L.A. success and won a contract with MCA after releasing an independent live album in the late eighties, their studio debut Read more [...]