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Steve Vai


STEVE VAI (1960–). One of the most recognizable guitarists on the rock scene over the last twenty years, Vai, along with his erstwhile teacher Joe Satriani, has only worked within established groups for short periods of time, instead having established a successful solo career of largely instrumental albums. After graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Vai started his professional career in 1979 as a transcriber for Frank Zappa, going on to play guitar for Zappa’s band for Read more [...]


RACER X (1985–88, 1999–PRESENT). Jeff Martin (vocals, replaced by John Corabi), Paul Gilbert (guitar, replaced by Chris Arvin), Bruce Bouillet (guitar), John Alderete (bass), Harry G Schoesser (drums, replaced by Scott Travis, replaced by Walt Woodward III). Racer X were a progressive metal band composed of virtuoso musicians, especially Paul Gilbert, the original guitar player who was known as one of the key shredders in metal during the eighties. Gilbert left after the 1988 album to Read more [...]