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Burning Witch


BURNING WITCH (1996–98). Edgy59 (vocals, guitar), G. Stuart Dahlquist (subharmonics), Jamie Boggy Sykes (battledrums, replaced by B.R.A.D. on war drums). Burning Witch was one of the key new metal bands of the eighties that combined both a serious appreciation for metal as an artform, with dark and satanic lyrics, as well as new and innovative styles of drone-based music (not unlike the early Velvet Underground or the experiments of Indian-influenced composer Lamonte Young). While Burning Witch Read more [...]


BUCKCHERRY (1999–2002; 2006–PRESENT). Josh Todd (vocals), Keith Nelson (guitar), Stevie D. (Dacanay, guitars), Jimmy Ashhurst (bass), Xavier Muriel (drums). Emerging in the mid-nineties in L.A., Buckcherry played an AC/DC-flavored brand of old-school rock. The band was formed when guitarist Keith Nelson and vocalist Josh Todd were introduced, as legend would have it, by their mutual tattoo artist. After winning a contract with Dreamworks Records, their debut selftitled album was released Read more [...]