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MISFITS (1977–83, 1996–PRESENT). Glenn Danzig (vocals replaced in reunion by Michael Graves, then Jerry Only), Frank Licata, aka “Franche Coma” (guitar), Jerry “Only” Caiafa (bass, now lead vocals as well), James “Mr. Jim” Catania (drums, later Arthur Googy, then Robo, then Dr. Chud, then Marky Ramone, now Robo), Doyle “Wolfgang Von Frankenstein” Caiafa (guitar, replaced by Dez Cadena). The Misfits were one of the key punk and hardcore bands of the late seventies and early Read more [...]
King Diamond in 2006


KING DIAMOND (1985–PRESENT). King Diamond (vocals), Andy Laroque (guitar), Michael Denner (guitar, replaced by Mike Moon, Pete Blakk, Mike Wead, Herb Simonson, Glenn Drover, now Floyd Konstantin), Timmi Hansen (bass, replaced by Hal Patino, Sharlee d’Angelo, Chris Estes, Dave Harbour, now Hal Patino), Mikkey Dee (drums, replaced by Chris Whitemier, Snowy Shaw, Daren Anthony, Jean Luke Herbert, now Matt Thomas). King Diamond is the solo project of Mecyful Fate frontman King Diamond, the Read more [...]


IMMORTAL (1990–PRESENT). Abbath Doom Occulta (vocals/bass/guitar), Demona Doom Occulta (guitar, replaced by Abbath), Aeturnues Ares (bass-live, replaced by Iscariah), Armegadda (drums, replaced by Grim, Hellhammer, Horgh). Immortal are a long-running Norwegian black metal band that were briefly associated with the cabal involving Varg Vikernes, but they quickly defined their own reputation as one of the best and darkest black metal bands. The band started out as more atmospheric, but they Read more [...]


GORGOROTH (1992–PRESENT). Hat (vocals, replaced by Gahl), Infernus (guitar), Tormentor (guitar), Samoth (bass, replaced by Infernus, Ares, King of Hell), Goat (drums, replaced by Satyricon, replaced by Frost, replaced by Grim, Frost, Sjt. Erichson, replaced by Kvitrafn). Gorgoroth are a Norwegian black metal band whose lead singer, Gahl, is now in jail for attacking a man and attempting to ritually drink his blood as noted by Moynihan and Soderlind. Gorgoroth, who took their name from the Read more [...]