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ST. VITUS (1979–95). Scott Reagers (vocals, replaced by Scott “Wino” Weinriech, Christian Lindersson, then Reagers), Dave Chandler (suitar), Mark Adams (bass), Armando Acosta (drums). St. Vitus were a sludge metal band, sometimes categorized as an early doom metal band, with connections to the punk scene, mainly through their affiliation with the legendary SST punk label led by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn. St. Vitus were probably named after the Black Sabbath song but may also have been Read more [...]


SOUNDGARDEN (1984–97). Chris Cornell (vocals), Kim Thayil (guitar), Hiro Yamamoto (bass, replaced by Ben Shepherd), Scott Sundquist (drums, replaced by Matt Cameron). Soundgarden were a heavy/metal grunge band from Seattle and one of the most successful bands to emerge from the explosion of grunge in the early nineties. The band started out by pairing the two “black” bands together, adding elements of both Black Sabbath and Black Flag to a sound that became increasingly commercialized Read more [...]
Trouble at Jalometalli 2008


TROUBLE (1984–PRESENT). Original lineup: Eric Wagner (vocals), Bruce Franklin (guitar), Rick Wartell (guitar), Ian Brown (bass), Jeff Olson (drums). Innovators of doom metal and its hearkening back to Black Sabbath’s and other '70s metal slower-paced approach, Chicago’s Trouble earned something of a cult following, but never made the commercial inroads enjoyed by their faster-paced speed metal contemporaries. Trouble released their self-titled debut in 1984, on the Metal Blade label. Read more [...]


VENOM (1997–PRESENT). Cronos (vocals/bass), Mantas (guitar, replaced by James Barnes, Alistair Clarke, Mykvys, now Rage), Abbadon (drums, replaced by Antton). Venom are one of the key originators of the black metal movement and are largely responsible for its spread, especially in England and North America. Although there were lean years for Venom, the band continues to tour as a sort of living fossil, demonstrating who it was that inspired all of those kids to sign a contract with the devil Read more [...]