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SLAYER (1981–PRESENT). Tom Araya (vocals/bass), Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), Dave Lombardo (drums, replaced by Paul Bostaph, John Dette, Lombardo again). Slayer are one of the key bands of the thrash metal scene and have been considered by some critics to be categorized in either the black or death metal scenes as well. Slayer are certainly one of the more ferocious and dark bands of the eighties and their music’s obsession with death, darkness, the satanic, and evil made them Read more [...]


MISFITS (1977–83, 1996–PRESENT). Glenn Danzig (vocals replaced in reunion by Michael Graves, then Jerry Only), Frank Licata, aka “Franche Coma” (guitar), Jerry “Only” Caiafa (bass, now lead vocals as well), James “Mr. Jim” Catania (drums, later Arthur Googy, then Robo, then Dr. Chud, then Marky Ramone, now Robo), Doyle “Wolfgang Von Frankenstein” Caiafa (guitar, replaced by Dez Cadena). The Misfits were one of the key punk and hardcore bands of the late seventies and early Read more [...]