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DUSK (1994–98). Steve Crane (vocals/bass), Steve Gross (guitar/keyboards), Tim Beyer (guitar), Ron Heemstra (drums). Dusk was an influential but very short-lived Wisconsin death metal band. The early stuff is magnificently doom-laden, brilliant, and evocative. However, the band were not around long enough to make a real impact on the scene. Discography: Majestic, Thou in Ruin (self-released, 1995); Atmospherea (Freakadelic, 1999); Dusk (Phi Acoustic, 2001);  (Phi Acoustics, 2003); Deathgate Read more [...]


DISMEMBER (1988–PRESENT).Robert Sennback (vocals/bass), Richard Cabeza (bass, later Sharlee d’Angelo), David Blomqvist (guitars), Fred Estby (drums). Dismember are a long-running Swedish death metal band who have been grinding out the real death sound since their inception. The band started as a power trio, but after some personal turmoil, which included Sennback leaving the band for a while, the band regrouped in 1991 with new bassist Cabeza and Sennback handling vocals. The promise of Read more [...]


DEICIDE (1987–PRESENT). Glen Benton (vocals/bass), Brian Hoffman (guitar, replaced by Dave Suzuki), Eric Hoffman (guitar, replaced by Ralph Sanotlla), Steve Ashiem (drums). This death metal band’s hatred of God and Christianity is notably demonstrated by the inverted cross branded into the forehead of lead singer Glen Benton. The band was formed in Florida in the mid-eighties by Benton, the two Hoffman brothers, and drummer Ashiem. They quickly became well-known on the black and death Read more [...]


DEATH (1983–2001). Chuck Schuldiner (vocals/guitar), Shannon Hamm (guitar), Scott Clendenin (bass), Richard Christy (drums). Death were one of the earliest and most influential death metal bands. The band originally started as Mantas (named after the stage name of guitarist Jeff Dunn of Venom) led by guitarist and band mainstay Chuck Schuldiner. After hearing early death metal band Possessed, the band moved away from a black metal direction toward more of a straightforward death metal sound. Read more [...]