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DEATH (1983–2001). Chuck Schuldiner (vocals/guitar), Shannon Hamm (guitar), Scott Clendenin (bass), Richard Christy (drums). Death were one of the earliest and most influential death metal bands. The band originally started as Mantas (named after the stage name of guitarist Jeff Dunn of Venom) led by guitarist and band mainstay Chuck Schuldiner. After hearing early death metal band Possessed, the band moved away from a black metal direction toward more of a straightforward death metal sound. Read more [...]
Bolt Thrower


BOLT THROWER (1986–PRESENT). Alan West (vocals, replaced by Karl Willets, then Martin VanDrunen, Dave Ingram, now Willets again), Gavin Ward (guitar), Barry Thompson (guitar), Jo Bench (bass), Andy Whale (drums, replaced by Alex Thomas, then Martin Kearns). Bolt Thrower is a long-running English death metal band who have refined and perfected one of the most distinctive and aggressive styles of the subgenre. The band started in Birmingham, which, due to its depressed economic conditions and Read more [...]