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CANDLEMASS (1985–PRESENT). John Lanquist (vocals, replaced by Messiah Marcolin, Tomas Vikstrom, Bjorn Fklodkvist, Messiah, Robert Lowe), Mats Bjorkman (guitar, other instruments), Lars Johansson (guitar, other instruments), Leif Edling (bass), Matz Ekstroem (drums, replaced by Jan Lindh). Candelemass is a Swedish doom metal band, who play slow and lumbering Sabbath–type riffs along with the King Diamond meets Klaus Nomi–esque operatic vocals of lead singer Messiah Marcolin (who had a Read more [...]
Burning Witch


BURNING WITCH (1996–98). Edgy59 (vocals, guitar), G. Stuart Dahlquist (subharmonics), Jamie Boggy Sykes (battledrums, replaced by B.R.A.D. on war drums). Burning Witch was one of the key new metal bands of the eighties that combined both a serious appreciation for metal as an artform, with dark and satanic lyrics, as well as new and innovative styles of drone-based music (not unlike the early Velvet Underground or the experiments of Indian-influenced composer Lamonte Young). While Burning Witch Read more [...]


BORIS (1994–PRESENT). Wata (guitar), Takeshi (bass), Atsuko (drums/vocals). Boris are a Japanese metal/punk/garage/noise band that have experimented wildly with styles and genres across their many albums. The band has also collaborated with drone metal band Sunn O))). Boris was formed in 1994 and immediately looked as though they were a walking identity crisis, never quite sure what style or genre they wanted to embrace from album to album, or sometimes within the same album. Their collaboration Read more [...]


BLACK SABBATH (1969–2006). Ozzy Osbourne (vocals, replaced by Ronnie James Dio and too many to count, see below) Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass, replaced by many, now Geezer Butler), Bill Ward (drums, replaced by Vinnie Appice and many others). To many fans, Black Sabbath invented metal. It is as simple as that. The only other major contender is Led Zeppelin (or earlier proto-metal bands such as Blue Cheer and Iron Butterfly, if we are to count bands from the pre-metal era), but most Read more [...]