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SUNN O))) (1998–PRESENT). Stephen O’ Malley (guitars/other instruments), Greg Anderson (bass/guitar/other instruments). Words cannot describe the low-end intensity of Sunn O))), who are among the most powerful and mysterious new metal bands around. Instead of concentrating on traditional songs, Sunn O))) play soundscapes of noise and feedback. This is while dressed in monastic robes, where the audience can only peek at the grim, heavily bearded two members, Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson, Read more [...]


MELVINS (1986–PRESENT). Buzz “King Buzzo” Osbourne (vocals/guitar), Matt Lukin (bass, replaced by Lori Black, Mark Deutrom, Kevin Rutmanis), Dale Crover (drums). The Melvins are also the definition of early metal as epitomized by Sabbath, sloooooooooow and sludgy riffs and a drum beat that almost allows one to go out for a cup of coffee before the next beat finally crashes down on the snare. AWashington state band, the Melvins, a particular influence on Kurt Cobain, have been relentlessly Read more [...]


BORIS (1994–PRESENT). Wata (guitar), Takeshi (bass), Atsuko (drums/vocals). Boris are a Japanese metal/punk/garage/noise band that have experimented wildly with styles and genres across their many albums. The band has also collaborated with drone metal band Sunn O))). Boris was formed in 1994 and immediately looked as though they were a walking identity crisis, never quite sure what style or genre they wanted to embrace from album to album, or sometimes within the same album. Their collaboration Read more [...]