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EXTREME (1989–95). Gary Cherone (vocals), Nuno Bettencourt (guitar), Pat Badger (bass), Paul Geary (drums). Emerging initially as a Van Halen–like power metal band that featured Aerosmith– like funk grooves into their metal mix, Extreme would go on to mine a more laidback and melodic vein, enjoying a string of hits before fading from the scene in the 1990s. Extreme had its roots in the Boston club scene in a band called the Dream. When the CBS network had plans for a television program with Read more [...]


DANZIG (1987–PRESENT). Glenn Danzig (vocals), John Christ (guitar, replaced by Tommy Victor, Todd Youth, Robert Benkovic), Eerie Von (bass, replaced by Josh Lazie, Howie Pyro, Steve Zing), Chuck Biscuits (drums, replaced by Joey Castillo, Bevan Davies, Johnny Kelly). Glenn Danzig is one of the most polarizing figures in music, first on the punk and more recently on the metal scene, where his brilliance was almost outshown by his arrogance and ego. His bands—the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig—are Read more [...]


BUDGIE (1971–85). Classic lineup: Burke Shelley (vocals, bass), Tony Bourge (guitar), Raymond Phillips (drums). Welsh proto-metal group Budgie enjoyed success in the UK but never really hit international stardom, though they influenced many groups that would follow, due to their riff-ready songs and singer/bassist Burke Shelley’s piercing vocals. Coming together in Cardiff, Wales, in 1967, the band, consisting of Shelley, guitarist Tony Bourge, and drummer Raymond Phillips, released their Read more [...]


BORIS (1994–PRESENT). Wata (guitar), Takeshi (bass), Atsuko (drums/vocals). Boris are a Japanese metal/punk/garage/noise band that have experimented wildly with styles and genres across their many albums. The band has also collaborated with drone metal band Sunn O))). Boris was formed in 1994 and immediately looked as though they were a walking identity crisis, never quite sure what style or genre they wanted to embrace from album to album, or sometimes within the same album. Their collaboration Read more [...]