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SATAN (1979–87). Trevor Robinson (vocals, replaced by Ian Swift, Lou Taylor, then Michael Jackson), Steve Ramsey (guitar), Russ Tippins (guitar), Graeme English (bass), Andey Reed (drums, replaced by Sean Taylor). Satan were a British New Wave of heavy metal band, who eventually evolved into the band Pariah and also had connections to the classic NWOHM band, not to be confused with the object of worship for many in the black metal scene. The band had a hard time keeping a consistent vocalist; Read more [...]


SUNN O))) (1998–PRESENT). Stephen O’ Malley (guitars/other instruments), Greg Anderson (bass/guitar/other instruments). Words cannot describe the low-end intensity of Sunn O))), who are among the most powerful and mysterious new metal bands around. Instead of concentrating on traditional songs, Sunn O))) play soundscapes of noise and feedback. This is while dressed in monastic robes, where the audience can only peek at the grim, heavily bearded two members, Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson, Read more [...]
Testament in 2008


TESTAMENT (1985–PRESENT). Chuck Billy (vocals), Alex Skolnick (guitars, replaced by Glenn Avaelais, James Murphy, now Skolnick), Erik Peterson (guitar), Greg Christian (bass, replaced by Derek Ramirez, then Steve Giorgio), Louie Christian (drums, replaced by Paul Bostaph then John Tempesta, then John Dette, then Gene Hoglan, then Dave Lombardo). Testament are a technically adept thrash heavy metal band from the Bay Area who were notable for many years for the presence of virtuoso guitarist Read more [...]


RIOT (1973–PRESENT). Guy Speranza (vocals, replaced by Rhett Forrester), Mark Reale (guitar), L.A. Kouvaris (guitar, replaced by Rick Ventura, others), Jimmy Iommi (bass, replaced by Kip Lemming, others), Peter Bitelli (drums, replaced by Sandy Slavin, others). Riot are a U.S. heavy metal band founded in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1973. Although they never attained an arena-headlining level of success, they were enormously influential in the development of eighties metal (especially the NWOBHM), and Read more [...]