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NICKELBACK (1996–PRESENT). Chad Kroeger (vocals/guitar), Ryan Peake (guitar), Mike Kroeger (bass), Ryan Vikedal (drums). While not a heavy metal band, per se, Canada’s Nickelback are one of the most successful post-grunge heavy rock bands, drawing upon grunge and metal traditions in the formulation of their highly successful commercial brand of heavy rock. With their origins as a cover band, Nickelback are a self-made success story, having independently managed themselves and released Read more [...]


MOONSORROW (1995–PRESENT). Henri Sorvali (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Mitja Harvilahti (guitar), Ville Sorvali (vocals/bass), Marko Tarvonen (drums). Moonsorrow are an inventive Finnish heavy metal band who play in the Viking metal subgenre. Their last record, Viides Luku: Havitetty, was an epic with just two long songs each about half an hour. Henry Sorvali (also of the Finnish ban Finntroll), along with his cousin Ville Sorvali, formed the band in 1995, as a duo, before recruiting others Read more [...]
Led Zeppelin


LED ZEPPELIN (1968–80). Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Paul Jones (bass/keyboards), John Bonham (drums). Led Zeppelin was for all intents and purposes the ultimate heavy metal band. Although the band was far more eclectic in its approach than any of its peers, utilizing everything from blues to Celtic folk to Moroccan music and mythology in its sonic stew, it also provided the most enduring template for bands that would follow. With Jimmy Page’s charismatic flights of the Read more [...]


GIRLSCHOOL (1977–88, 1992–PRESENT). Kim McAuliffe (vocals/guitar), Kelly Johnson (guitar, replaced by Cris Bonacci, Jackie Bodimead), Enid Williams (bass, replaced by Gil Weston, Traci Lamb), Denise Dufort (drums). Girlschool were one of the key bands of the eighties that demonstrated that women could hold their own in the metal scene, which was unquestionably a boys’ club at the time. The band started out in London in 1977 as Painted Lady, before settling on the far more suggestive Girlschool. Read more [...]