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SLEEP (1990–98). Justin Marler (guitar), Matt Pike (guitar), Al Cisneros (bass), Chris Hakius (drums). Sleep were one of the quintessentially sludgy riff rock bands, often labeled under the stoner rock label. They pioneered a new sound for metal, bringing it back to its roots in Sabbath-era sludge with a passing nod to the Melvins and St. Vitus. The band started out as a quartet, but original guitarist Marler eventually left to become a monk, and the band continued as a three piece for the rest Read more [...]


OM (2003–PRESENT). Al Cisneros (bass/vocals), Chris Hakius (drums, replaced by Emil Amos). Om is an avant-garde noise/drone/art metal band formed by former members of legendary stoner rock band Sleep. After Sleep’s Jerusalem album (considered by many critics to be a classic of the genre), guitarist Matt Pike departed to form the brutally heavy High On Fire while his former bandmates Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius formed the more experimental Om. If the music of Sleep, where a single song Read more [...]
High on Fire


HIGH ON FIRE (1998–PRESENT). Matt Pike (guitar/vocals), George Rice (bass, replaced by Joe Preston, Jeff Matz), Des Kensel (drums). High on Fire was formed by guitarist Matt Pike after the demise of his previous band, the stoner rock legend Sleep. In High on Fire, Pike wanted to move away from the intricate stoner rock of Sleep in a harder and faster direction. High on Fire is almost the total opposite of Sleep, with heavy, brutal drums anchoring Pike’s massive (and brutally loud) riffage, Read more [...]