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TRIUMPH (1975–93; 2007–PRESENT). Rik Emmett (guitar/vocals), Mike Levine (bass), Gil Moore (drums/vocals). While the Canadian power trio Triumph were often compared to their fellow Canadians Rush, due to their three-person format and high-pitched vocal range that singer-guitarist Rik Emmett and Rush’s Geddy Lee shared, Triumph was a much more mainstream hard rock/metal band with far fewer prog-rock tendencies. Their melodic songwriting helped them to become one of the few Canadian hard rock Read more [...]


HELLOWEEN (1982–PRESENT). Classic lineup: Michael Kiske (lead vocals), Kai Hansen (vocals/guitar), Michael Weikath (guitar), Markus Grosskopf (bass), and Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums). One of the most influential European heavy metal acts of the 1980s, Helloween combined the energy and speed of thrash metal with the harmonic structures of traditional metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to create the template of what would come to be known as power metal. Though they never achieved Read more [...]