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SMOKEWAGON (2000–PRESENT). Kevin Omen (vocals/guitar), Pat Fondiller (bass), Jesse James (drums). Smokewagon are a country metal band from Brooklyn, New York, who play a doom and gloom old-fashioned sludge meets Johnny Cash country. The band’s first record, the self-titled Smokewagon, combined metal bombast with the best dirge rock of bands like Sleep and the Melvins, but the country tinges made the album stand out in a field already crowded with innovative new metal bands. The second Read more [...]


SLEEP (1990–98). Justin Marler (guitar), Matt Pike (guitar), Al Cisneros (bass), Chris Hakius (drums). Sleep were one of the quintessentially sludgy riff rock bands, often labeled under the stoner rock label. They pioneered a new sound for metal, bringing it back to its roots in Sabbath-era sludge with a passing nod to the Melvins and St. Vitus. The band started out as a quartet, but original guitarist Marler eventually left to become a monk, and the band continued as a three piece for the rest Read more [...]


MELVINS (1986–PRESENT). Buzz “King Buzzo” Osbourne (vocals/guitar), Matt Lukin (bass, replaced by Lori Black, Mark Deutrom, Kevin Rutmanis), Dale Crover (drums). The Melvins are also the definition of early metal as epitomized by Sabbath, sloooooooooow and sludgy riffs and a drum beat that almost allows one to go out for a cup of coffee before the next beat finally crashes down on the snare. AWashington state band, the Melvins, a particular influence on Kurt Cobain, have been relentlessly Read more [...]