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Testament in 2008


TESTAMENT (1985–PRESENT). Chuck Billy (vocals), Alex Skolnick (guitars, replaced by Glenn Avaelais, James Murphy, now Skolnick), Erik Peterson (guitar), Greg Christian (bass, replaced by Derek Ramirez, then Steve Giorgio), Louie Christian (drums, replaced by Paul Bostaph then John Tempesta, then John Dette, then Gene Hoglan, then Dave Lombardo). Testament are a technically adept thrash heavy metal band from the Bay Area who were notable for many years for the presence of virtuoso guitarist Read more [...]


MORBID ANGEL (1984–PRESENT). Dallas Ward (vocals/bass, replaced by David Vincent, Steve Tucker, Jared Anderson), Trey Azagthoth (guitar), Sterling Scarborough (guitar, replaced by Richard Brunelle, replaced by Erik Rutan, himself, Thor Ander Myhern), Mike Browning (drums, replaced by Wayne Hartsell, Pete Sandoval). Morbid Angel are one of the most innovative and longest-lasting death metal bands from the American scene, known for their dark lyrics and uncompromisingly aggressive music. The band Read more [...]