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Vision Of Disorder


VISION OF DISORDER (1992–2002). Tim Williams (vocals), Matt Baumbach (guitar), Mike Kennedy (guitar), Mike Fleischman (bass), Brendon Cohen (drums). Based out of Long Island, New York, Vision of Disorder played thrash–influenced brand of hardcore, featuring socially conscious lyrics, and won a large underground following before disbanding in 2002. Initially put together in 1992 by guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy, the band was filled out by vocalist Tim Williams, drummer Brendon Read more [...]
Lamb of God


LAMB OF GOD (1988–PRESENT). Randy Blythe (vocals), Mark Morton (guitar), Willie Adler (guitar), John Campbell (bass), Chris Adler (drums). Often referred to as the cutting edge of the New Wave of American metal, Lamb of God play a tightly crafted, riff-based style of metal. Originating as Burn the Priest, they changed their name to Lamb of God after realizing the booking limitations of their previous name in and around their native Richmond, Virginia. Founding members guitarist Mark Morton, Read more [...]


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE (1999–PRESENT). Mike D’Antonio (bass), Howard Jones (vocals), Justin Foley (drums), Adam Dutkiewicz (guitar), Joel Stroetzel (guitar). Along with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage are at the forefront of the New Wave of heavy metal metalcore movement. From Westfield, Massachusetts, the band is comprised of bassist Mike D’Antonio, vocalist Howard Jones, drummer Justin Foley, and guitarists Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel. Initially organized by D’Antonio in 1999, Read more [...]


HATEBREED (1994–PRESENT). Jamey Jasta (vocals), Frank Novinec (guitar), Sean Martin (guitar), Chris Beattie (bass), Mat Byrne (drums). Hatebreed are one of the most popular of the hard and heavy bands to come out of the new hardcore scene and have evolved into an amalgam of heavy metal, hardcore punk, and screamo. The band was started by Jasta in 1994 and was supposed be a straight-ahead hardcore punk band, but as the hardcore and metal scenes had merged to a certain degree in the late eighties, Read more [...]