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SLAYER (1981–PRESENT). Tom Araya (vocals/bass), Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), Dave Lombardo (drums, replaced by Paul Bostaph, John Dette, Lombardo again). Slayer are one of the key bands of the thrash metal scene and have been considered by some critics to be categorized in either the black or death metal scenes as well. Slayer are certainly one of the more ferocious and dark bands of the eighties and their music’s obsession with death, darkness, the satanic, and evil made them Read more [...]


METALLICA (1981–PRESENT). James Hetfield (vocals/guitar), Kirk Hammet (guitar), Cliff Burton (bass, died in 1986, replaced by Jason Newsted, later Robert Trujillo), Lars Ulrich (drums). Metallica are one of the longest lasting and most successful of the so-called thrash or speed metal bands of the early eighties, and, despite personnel problems and intragroup infighting (as documented in the poignant and frequently hilarious documentary Some Kind of Monster), Metallica maintain their position Read more [...]


KREATOR (1982–PRESENT). Mille Petrozza (vocals/guitar), Wulf (guitar, replaced by Jorg Trezbiatowski, replaced by Frank Gosdzik, replaced by Christian Geisler, replaced by Tommy Vettereli), Rob Fioretti (bass, replaced by Andreas Herz, replaced by Sammy Yli-Sirnio), Ventor, aka Jurgen Reil (drums, replaced by Joe Cangelosi, now back in band). Kreator was a particularly evil band from Germany who helped inspire both the thrash and death metal scenes. Their earliest work is fairly undistinguished Read more [...]


HOLOCAUST (1977–PRESENT). Gary Lettice (vocals, replaced by John Mortimer), John Mortimer (vocals/guitar), Ed Dudley (guitar, replaced by John McCullim, Robin Begg (bass, replaced by Steve Cowen, Bryan Bartley), Nicky Arkless (drums, replaced by David Rosie, Ron Levine). Holocaust is one of the longest lasting of the New Wave of British metal (NWOBM) that formed in the late seventies. The band, from Scotland, has been charting a heavy but sometimes-uneven course over almost thirty years, Read more [...]