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IMMORTAL (1990–PRESENT). Abbath Doom Occulta (vocals/bass/guitar), Demona Doom Occulta (guitar, replaced by Abbath), Aeturnues Ares (bass-live, replaced by Iscariah), Armegadda (drums, replaced by Grim, Hellhammer, Horgh). Immortal are a long-running Norwegian black metal band that were briefly associated with the cabal involving Varg Vikernes, but they quickly defined their own reputation as one of the best and darkest black metal bands. The band started out as more atmospheric, but they Read more [...]


EMPEROR (1992–2001; 2005–PRESENT). Ihsahn, real name Vegard Sverre Tveitan (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Samtoh, real name Tomas Haugen (guitar, drums, replaced by Bard Faust, replaced by Trym Torson, aka Kai Johnny Mosaker); and Mortiis, real name Ha˚vard Ellefsen (bass, replaced by Tchort, replaced by Jonas Alver, replaced by Tyr, aka Jan-Erik Torgersen, replaced by Sechtdaemon “Odd Tony”), Charmand Grimloch, real name Joachim Rygg (keyboards, replaced by Einar Solberg). Emperor Read more [...]


BURZUM (1991–PRESENT). Varg (Kristian) Vikernes (vocals/guitar/bass/keyboards/drums). In the realm of black metal, Burzum is one of the key bands who helped to establish the parameters of both music and in living the lifestyle. Burzum was the unholy brainchild of murderous ex-Mayhem bassist Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnakh). Vikernes developed Burzum as an ongoing project where he played all the instruments. The band served as a vehicle not only for Vikernes’ idea about expanding the parameters Read more [...]