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Uriah Heep


URIAH HEEP (1970–80, 1982–PRESENT). Trevor Bolder (bass/vocals, 1977– 1981; 1983–present), Mick Box (guitar/vocals, 1970–present), Russell Gilbrook (drums/vocals, 2007–present), Phil Lanzon (keyboards/ vocals, 1986–present), Bernie Shaw (lead vocals, 1986–present). “If this group makes it I’ll have to commit suicide. From the first note you know you don’t want to hear any more…”—Melissa Mills, Rolling Stone magazine, reviewing Uriah Heep’s debut album in 1970. Heavy Read more [...]


HOLOCAUST (1977–PRESENT). Gary Lettice (vocals, replaced by John Mortimer), John Mortimer (vocals/guitar), Ed Dudley (guitar, replaced by John McCullim, Robin Begg (bass, replaced by Steve Cowen, Bryan Bartley), Nicky Arkless (drums, replaced by David Rosie, Ron Levine). Holocaust is one of the longest lasting of the New Wave of British metal (NWOBM) that formed in the late seventies. The band, from Scotland, has been charting a heavy but sometimes-uneven course over almost thirty years, Read more [...]


GRIM REAPER (1979–87). Steve Grimmett (vocals), Nick Bowcott (guitar), Dave Wanklin (bass), Mark Simon (drums). Part of the New Wave of British heavy metal, Grim Reaper had some of the talent but not quite the presence to be true contenders. Still, they did manage to put out a few albums that satisfied metal fans of the eighties. Coming together in 1979, the band placed a song on 1981’s Heavy Metal Heroes compilation, and then went on to win a battle of the bands competition, claiming Read more [...]