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SATAN (1979–87). Trevor Robinson (vocals, replaced by Ian Swift, Lou Taylor, then Michael Jackson), Steve Ramsey (guitar), Russ Tippins (guitar), Graeme English (bass), Andey Reed (drums, replaced by Sean Taylor). Satan were a British New Wave of heavy metal band, who eventually evolved into the band Pariah and also had connections to the classic NWOHM band, not to be confused with the object of worship for many in the black metal scene. The band had a hard time keeping a consistent vocalist; Read more [...]


PARIAH (1990–95, 2000–PRESENT). Dave Derrick (vocals), Kyle Ellison (guitar), Jared Tuten (guitar), Sims Ellison (bass, ), Shandon Sahm (drums). Pariah are a San Antonio-based metal band who had some popularity during the nineties with a fairly traditional form of lite metal that was reminiscent of the hair-metal craze of the mid- to late eighties. The band never really clicked and broke up after the first album, but a later version of the group reformed in the late nineties to record Read more [...]