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Steve Stevens


STEVE STEVENS (1959–PRESENT). While a guitarist of many talents, including progressive rock and flamenco, Steve Stevens is without a doubt best known as Billy Idol’s stage and studio foil, where, armed with a Les Paul and a glam rock image borrowed from equal parts Johnny Thunders and Siouxsie Sioux, he has infused the best of the veteran punk rocker’s material with a hard rock edge that helped the two crossover into mainstream success in the 1980s and has continued to drive their career into Read more [...]


TSOL (1979–PRESENT). Metal lineup: Joe Wood (vocals), Marshall Rohner (guitar), Mike Roche (bass), Mitch Green (drums). TSOL (True Sounds of Liberty) were one of the best and most violent of the Southern California hardcore bands of the early eighties. The original lineup featured vocalist Jack Grisham, bassist Mike Roche, guitarist Ron Emory, and drummer Mitch Todd Barnes. They played a successful balance of punk and what would eventually be called goth. The band was a success, but by the late Read more [...]
The Cult


THE CULT (1983–95, 1998–PRESENT). Ian Astbury (vocals) Billy Duffy (guitar), Jamie Stewart (bass, moved to rhythm guitar, replaced by Kid Chaos then Stewart again, Charlie Drayton, Kinley Wolf, Craig Adams, Martyn LeNoble, Billy Morrison, Craig Adams, others), Raymond Smith (drums, replaced by Nigel Preston, Mark Brzezicki, Les Warner Micky Curry, Michael Lee, Matt Sorum, Scott Garrett, John Tempesta, others). The Cult started out as Southern Death Cult, a goth band with Native American Read more [...]