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DUST (1968–73). Richie Wise (vocals/guitar), Kenny Aranson (bass), Marky Bell (drums). Dust were an early proto-metal band from New York City that featured a young Mark Bell, who would then go on to join two classic punk bands, Richard Hell’s backing band the Voidoids and then later the Ramones, where he would drum for most of that band’s career. Bassist Kenny Aranson went on to do session work. The band is a footnote, but the two albums are well worth hunting down for fans of hard rock Read more [...]


BUDGIE (1971–85). Classic lineup: Burke Shelley (vocals, bass), Tony Bourge (guitar), Raymond Phillips (drums). Welsh proto-metal group Budgie enjoyed success in the UK but never really hit international stardom, though they influenced many groups that would follow, due to their riff-ready songs and singer/bassist Burke Shelley’s piercing vocals. Coming together in Cardiff, Wales, in 1967, the band, consisting of Shelley, guitarist Tony Bourge, and drummer Raymond Phillips, released their Read more [...]