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Kid Rock in 2008


KID ROCK (1990–PRESENT). (Various backing musicians). While not technically a metal act by the strictest definition of the term, Kid Rock (real name Robert James Ritchie, born 1971) has demonstrated that American hard rock, country, metal, and other fans can be united under the banner of beer drinking and hell raising. Kid Rock is not a metal singer, but many often mistake him for one, or his efforts to maintain the “party all the time” image of early metal as being authentically metal. While Read more [...]


BIOHAZARD (1988–2005). Evan Seinfeld (vocals, bass), Billy Graziadei (vocals, guitar), Bobby Hambel (guitar, replaced by Rob Echeverria, replaced by Leo Curley, replaced by Carmine Vincent, replaced by Scott Roberts), Danny Schuler (drums). Biohazard were one of the few metal bands, along with Anthrax, to posses a keen appreciation for rap music as well as crunchy metal riffs. Unlike Anthrax, Biohazard were more willing to commit themselves to incorporating rap more regularly into their sound. Read more [...]