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RUSH (1974–PRESENT). Alex Lifeson (guitar), Geddy Lee (bass/lead vocals), Neil Peart (drums, replaced John Rutsey in 1974). Starting off as a howling Led Zeppelin-influenced blues-based hard rock group, Canadian power trio Rush would go on to evolve into one of the most influential progressive-leaning rock groups, especially to progressive metal groups, and in constantly pushing their own limits have demonstrated the outer limits of the three-piece format. While they have rarely topped the charts, Read more [...]


QUEENSRŸCHE (1983–PRESENT). Classic lineup: Geoff Tate (vocals), Chris DeGarmo (guitar), Michael Wilton (guitar), Eddie Jackson (bass), Scott Rockenfield (drums). Unlike the many pop metal bands that served as their contemporaries, Seattle’s Queensrÿche drew their inspiration more from progressive European metal bands and art rock groups like Pink Floyd and Queen, developing their own unique sound during the 1980s. Hitting their stride with the albums Operation: Mindcrime and its followup, Read more [...]