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SLAYER (1981–PRESENT). Tom Araya (vocals/bass), Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), Dave Lombardo (drums, replaced by Paul Bostaph, John Dette, Lombardo again). Slayer are one of the key bands of the thrash metal scene and have been considered by some critics to be categorized in either the black or death metal scenes as well. Slayer are certainly one of the more ferocious and dark bands of the eighties and their music’s obsession with death, darkness, the satanic, and evil made them Read more [...]


DISSECTION (1989–2006). Jon Nodtveidt (vocals/guitar), John Zwetsloot (guitar, replaced by Johan Norman, finally Set Tietan), Peter Palmdahl (bass, replaced by Bruce Leclercq), Ole Ohman (drums, replaced by Tomas Asklund). Dissection were a Swedish black metal band formed by guitarist and vocalist Jon Nodtveidt in 1989. The band was controversial for its dark lyrics and Nodtveidt later espousing of satanic and Aryan pride sentiments. The first record is fairly tame by black metal standards, Read more [...]