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SLAUGHTER (1988–PRESENT). Mark Slaughter (vocals), Dana Strum (bass), Tim Kelly (guitar, 1988–98), Blas Elias (drums), Jeff Blando (guitar, 1999– present). Slaughter got their start in 1988 with a lineup of former Vinnie Vincent Invasion vocalist Mark Slaughter, bassist/talent scout Dana Strum (Strum was responsible for introducing Ozzy Osbourne to both Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee), guitarist Tim Kelly, and drummer Blas Elias. Hitting the pop metal wave with their 1990 debut Stick It to Read more [...]


FIREHOUSE (1989–PRESENT). C. J. Snare (vocals), Michael Foster (drums), Bill Leverty (guitar), Perry Richardson (bass). Firehouse found some success at the end of the pop-metal era, largely on the basis of solid, if cliched, songwriting craft that produced melodic commercial hard rock. Lacking the streetwise image of some of their contemporaries, the band also had a safer, more mainstream appeal that a broader group of fans seemed to connect with. Formed in 1989, the band won a contract Read more [...]