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MELVINS (1986–PRESENT). Buzz “King Buzzo” Osbourne (vocals/guitar), Matt Lukin (bass, replaced by Lori Black, Mark Deutrom, Kevin Rutmanis), Dale Crover (drums). The Melvins are also the definition of early metal as epitomized by Sabbath, sloooooooooow and sludgy riffs and a drum beat that almost allows one to go out for a cup of coffee before the next beat finally crashes down on the snare. AWashington state band, the Melvins, a particular influence on Kurt Cobain, have been relentlessly Read more [...]
Cult of Luna


CULT OF LUNA (2000–PRESENT). Klas Rydberg (vocals), Erik Oloffson (guitar), Johannes Peterson (guitar), Magnus Lindberg (keyboards), Andreas Johansson (bass), Marco Hilden (drums, replaced by Thomas Hedland), Adders Tegland (samples). Cult of Luna are a dark and moody but almost progressive Swedish band who have been one of the most consistently interesting metal bands of the past few decades. The band incorporates soundscapes and samples into its drearily dark music that makes them hard Read more [...]


CROWBAR (1992–2000). Original lineup: Kirk Windstein (vocals and guitars), Matt Thomas (guitars), Todd Strange (bass), and Craig Numenmacher (drums). Often compared to Pantera and the Melvins, New Orleans’ Crowbar became known for playing a slow and grinding version of sludge metal and also gained notoriety for their physical weight, with a number of members tipping the scales at 300 pounds. Their first album was 1992’s Obedience Thru Suffering. Their second album, 1993’s Crowbar, Read more [...]


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (1982–PRESENT). Mike Dean (bass/vocals, replaced for several years by Phil Swisher, returned 1993), Woody Weatherman (guitar/vocals), Reed Mullin (drums, replaced by others, now Jason Patterson). This punk metal crossover band originally started in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1982. The band’s first record, Eye for an Eye, is a standard thrash record, but subsequent records and new vocalists saw the band evolving in a more metal and then Southern rock direction. The Read more [...]