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Bagged and Boarded - cover


GOBLIN COCK (2005–PRESENT). Lord Phallus, aka Rob Crow (vocals, guitar), Bane Ass-Pounder Dave Drusky (guitars), King Sith Sam Mura (bass), Braindeath Anthony Fusaro (drums), Loki Sinjuggleradam Ekrtoh (keyboards), Larben the Druid, aka Lara Benscher (backing vocals, guitar). Goblin Cock is a doom metal band from San Francisco. If ever there were a band that took the metal equivalent of the double entendre to its obvious and ludicrous extreme, it would be Goblin Cock. The band actually plays Read more [...]


GOATSNAKE (1996–2001, 2004–PRESENT). Pete Stahl (vocals), Greg Anderson (guitar), Guy Pinhas (bass, replaced by Stuart Dahlquist, Scott Reeder), Greg Roberts (drums, replaced by JR). Goatsnake are a doom metal band featuring Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) along with the rhythm section for the Obsessed and vocalist Pete Stahl, formerly of Washington, D.C., punk heroes Scream. The band started in 1996  after the demise of the Obsessed. Along with the charismatic Stahl, who had also been in Read more [...]