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SARCÓFAGO. Antichrist (vocals), Fabio Jhasko (guitar), Zeber (guitar), Gerald Minelli (bass), Eduardo (drums, later Joker, then Lucio Olliver). Sarcófago (translated into English as sarcophagus) were a Brazilian black metal band that primarily played during the late eighties and early nineties. At a time when many Brazilian bands were becoming more political in response to the military junta that ruled the country at the time, Sarcófago went in a darker and more ominous direction, combining Read more [...]


NILE (1993–PRESENT). Karl Sanders (vocals/guitar), Dallas Toter-Wade (guitar), Chief Spires (bass, replaced by John Vesano, Chris Lollis), Pete Hammoura (drums, replaced by Tony Laureano, George Collias). Nile are an unusual band by black metal standards, incorporating not only the mythology of the Norse gods or of Satanism but also the mythology of ancient Egypt. Like many other bands in the black metal genre, they also mention early twentieth-century horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and his creation Read more [...]