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SLEEP (1990–98). Justin Marler (guitar), Matt Pike (guitar), Al Cisneros (bass), Chris Hakius (drums). Sleep were one of the quintessentially sludgy riff rock bands, often labeled under the stoner rock label. They pioneered a new sound for metal, bringing it back to its roots in Sabbath-era sludge with a passing nod to the Melvins and St. Vitus. The band started out as a quartet, but original guitarist Marler eventually left to become a monk, and the band continued as a three piece for the rest Read more [...]
Raging Slab


RAGING SLAB (1983–PRESENT). Greg Strzempka (guitar/vocals), Elyse Steinman (slide guitar), Mats Rydstrom (bass), Niklas Matsson (drums). Raging Slab are one of the best Southern rock boogie bands to come out of New York City. Slab, who have been described as a combination of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Metallica, have long put out some of the best rock of its kind since their debut in 1987 with Assmaster. Although the band has probably never been taken as seriously as they might by potential fans Read more [...]