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BODY COUNT (1989–PRESENT). Ice-T (vocals), Ernie C (guitar), D-Roc (guitar), Mooseman (bass), Beatmaster V (drums). Body Count is a metal/punk hybrid band led by rapper/actor Ice-T, who decided to emulate the punk rock and metal he found himself increasingly drawn to during the late eighties and early nineties. The band features Ernie C on guitar, Mooseman on bass, and Ice-T on vocals. From the beginning the band was surprisingly good with sometimes ridiculous and over-the-top lyrics, such as Read more [...]


BATHORY (1983–2004). Quorthon (vocals/guitar/other instruments), Freddan (bass, replaced by Ktohar), Jonas Akerlund Vvorth (drums). Bathory were one of the most pagan of the black metal scene and helped to introduce the worship of the Norse gods as part of the black metal pantheon. Many also consider Bathory’s signature gloomy sound to be the foundation of the black metal sound. The band typically also dressed on album covers in traditional Viking outfits complete with copious amounts Read more [...]


ANTHRAX (1981–PRESENT). Neil Turbin (vocals, replaced by Joey Belladonna, John Bush, Dan Nelson), Scott Ian (guitar), Dan Spitz (guitar), Dan Lilker (bass, replaced by Frank Bello), Charlie Benante (drums). One of the key thrash metal bands who introduced numerous metal fans to both punk rock and rap and helped pioneer the rap/metal crossover sound with both their collaboration with Public Enemy on the cover of Bring the Noise (1987) as well as their own rap song “I’m the Man” (1991). Read more [...]