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MASTODON (1999–PRESENT). Troy Sanders (vocals/bass), Brent Hinds (vocals/guitar), Bill Kelliher (bass), Brann Dailor (drums), Eric Saner (lead vocals on demo). Mastadon is one the most powerful and influential metal crossover bands of the past decade and one of the bands credited with the resurgence of American metal. The band redefines the idea of “heavy” music, even while working on extremely complex math rock riffs in combination with idea-driven lyrics. This included a concept record Read more [...]
Dave Drainman


DISTURBED (1996–PRESENT). Dave Drainman (vocals), Dan Donegan (guitar), Fuzz (bass), Mike Wengren (drums). Disturbed are a heavy metal band with a debt to early metal and mainstream thrash-like bands such as Pantera. The band started out in Chicago in the late nineties. Drainman’s unique vocal style helped gain them a huge following in the Midwest, eventually getting them signed in 2000 to the small Giant label, who released their first album, The Sickness. While the first album Read more [...]